2021 Exhibit

The 2020 Exhibit is Closed. Thank you for all who attended.

Rightfully Hers: Finding Equality In A Man’s World explores women in the Coeur d’Alene region who laid the groundwork for women’s rights leading into the mid-20th century, expanding the boundaries of the traditional gender roles, and making women’s names matter. These women were largely able to come out of the shadows, no longer needing to hide behind their husbands names (women were often addressed as Mrs. John Smith). They were doctors, aviators, loggers, and congresswomen. These women, often supported by the men in their lives, opened the doors for the women who came after them, moving them forward into the world we live in today. The exhibit is in conjunction with the Idaho Women 100 Celebration. Idaho Women in Leadership and the Idaho State Historical Society are convening organizations for a statewide commemoration and celebration of this momentous event.


New exhibit forthcoming in 2021...