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Gadgets Galore!

Transforming the American Household

April 1st to May 22nd

Gadgets are an integral part of our everyday lives, and, often, objects that we take for granted. Gadgets Galore! encourages visitors to take a closer look at the historic gadgets from the 19th century, and to consider how the gadgets of yesteryear informed our modern technology. From light bulbs to coffee makers, and from Velcro to mp3s, visitors will connect the past with the present and engage with history through the scavenger hunt-style Gadgets Galore!

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The Rum Rebellion

Prohibition in North Idaho

June 17th to October 29th

From 1920 to 1933, the manufacture, sale, and consumption of alcohol was illegal across the country. In the small towns of North Idaho, bootleggers and smugglers kept the region stocked with booze. Prohibition tells the story of how the panhandle of Idaho was anything but dry during during the nationwide prohibition.

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Prohibition Exhibit