From the Board President- Nov 2019

Written By Mike Dixon

We are almost there. In my last report in the Summer issue of this blog, I described the daunting list of issues that had to be addressed to move the J.C. White House from its present location to the base of Tubbs Hill where it will serve as the entry to the new museum. The current owners of the house have been extremely generous and patient with the process. But now, fundraising for the move, architectural design, logistic issues including transfer of land from Ignite CDA to the City, securing a lease and all the necessary permits are complete. Preparations on the house and its new foundation are well underway, and the move is now projected for 6:00 am Saturday, November 16. Weather and other circumstances may affect the final date, so stay tuned. It will be an event worth seeing!

Once the White House is situated on the new site and buttoned up for the winter we will take a quick deep breath, step back, and begin a more orderly process of designing the exhibit hall, workshops, libraries, meeting rooms, theaters, and especially, the story we want to tell. The entire museum staff and board have been heavily involved in making this project succeed, but in early 2020 members of the community will be invited to join the process. Through focus groups we want to learn more about what the people of our region want from this new museum, how to best illustrate our amazing history, and how it can help guide the way to our future.

Building a state-of-the-art museum will be expensive. This new museum will be a gift from this community to many generations to come. We all can participate in this project through financial support. Please, when asked, give generously. Together, let’s make it truly great.