The Mullan Tree

Photo ID MR-1-25

By Robert Singletary, Special to the Nickel’s Worth

This coming July 4th, 2021, will be exactly 160 years ago when John Mullan’s road construction crew stopped work to celebrate Independence Day. During the rest stop, one of Mullan’s crew cut the inscription “M.R. July 4, 1861” on a large white pine on the top of a mountain pass. For years that pass has been called the Fourth of July Pass. That blazed tree became known as the “Mullan Tree” and would be viewed by thousands of travelers over the years. On Nov. 19, 1962, the top of the tree was broken off during a windstorm. The stump with the blaze was finally removed, preserved, and placed on display in the Museum of North Idaho, where it is still on view today. MR-1-25 

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