Our Mission

The Museum of North Idaho preserves and illuminates our past to inspire our future.

Our Vision

Located in the heart of a vibrant and welcoming gathering place, the Museum of North Idaho (MONI) collects, preserves, and interprets our community's history and traditions. MONI envisions becoming a social, cultural and economic hub through educational programming and dynamic exhibits, while remaining a high-quality research institution and archives.

Our Core Values

MONI’s core values provide a practical foundation for our nonprofit organization’s mission and vision and guide and give purpose to its leadership, ensuring the integrity of our organization’s place in the North Idaho community.

Accessibility: MONI strives to remove all barriers to engaging with facilities, collections, archives, research tools, programming, and exhibits.

Respect: MONI respects an individual’s need to connect, learn, and understand in a comfortable and safe environment.

Connection: MONI seeks to strengthen the bond between family and friends by creating opportunities to socialize, communicate, and create memories.

Authenticity: MONI works to provide accurate, honest, and clear information that allows individuals to critically think and reach their own conclusions.

Fun: MONI provides stimulating, hands-on exhibits, programs, and activities for an enjoyable and entertaining experience.

Identity: MONI raises the consciousness of our community by presenting multiple perspectives about historical events and objects.

Choice: MONI appreciates an individual’s right to accept or reject perspectives, make autonomous choices about their experience, and move freely through public spaces.

Civic Pride: MONI reflects the pride our citizens have in our community by achieving a high standard of professionalism, ethical conduct, and program quality.

Learning: MONI engages our community's curiosity by giving visitors opportunities to engage innovate, create, and discover without distraction.