Calked Boots and Other Northwest Writings

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Part myth, part history, the stories included are from the bunkhouses and campfires depicting the lives of early Grand Coulee bronc busters and the lumberjacks of North Idaho’s horse logging days. They are great stories that will have you laughing and crying.


Bert Russell was born in Harrison, Idaho and worked as a logger, river driver, shipyard electrician, timber cruiser, rancher and writer. Bert passed away in 1997. Marie Russell continued to keep the stories told by these pioneers alive by making the books available to the public. Marie donated the books she had on hand to the Museum of North Idaho. Marie died Dec. 2014.


"Bert Russell is a superb stylist of the Jack London kind, with something to write about.. He's one of America's last Western pioneers - a member of a lumbering family who chose to homestead Idaho wilderness, to trap, to live off the land, and then later to ranch and raise Appaloosa horses. He's a timber cruiser, logger, carpenter and has toiled in box factory, sawmill, tugboat and shipyard. And to this, an insight into the history and people of his land and you have a man who has something to say. And he can say it well- brightly, sharply, with a focus on the reader who wants to know his world and his kinsman with new clarity.

A perceptive writer with a creative talent that hits you hard."

Dr. Jerrold L. Werthimer, Professor of Journalism, San Francisco State University


Calked Boots
The Hero
The Tormentor
Pat Luciano
The Boat Builder
Grandma Tasky
The Baptism
The Sawdust Dream
He Came a Third Time
The Tough Guy
The Pet Trout
The Cat That Came Back
The Sod Roof
Ride in the Night
The Meddler
The Flunkey
The Ruby Lake That Wasn't
The Story of Jack Lynch
The Tame Bear
The Fabulous Johnny Belle
The Urgent Rider
The Lady and the Watering Through
The Horrible Fight
The Bike Ride
The Train

Russian Joe
The Man Who Wore No Clothes
Wildman of the Clearwater

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