From Hell to Heaven: Death Related Mining Accidents in North Idaho

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Many Paid the Ultimate Price ... Beauty, it is often said, is in the eye of the beholder. The same can be said for value. I am amazed at how much historical information this book contains. Even if it did not include the historical chronologies, a serious investigator can pick up a tremendous amount of useful information. This includes details about the process of mining, improvements in tools, technology, machinery, explosives, procedures and regulations. Gene’s knowledge of mining and history comes through in almost every page. Adding descriptive terminology in appropriate places helps the reader understand what happened, and in some cases even why it happened. I personally knew dozens of these men, and I see this work for its value to genealogists, historians, writers and students. Families who never had a good understanding or closure might find it in these pages. Others might have known of a miner's death, but nothing of the details. They’ll find many of those details in these pages. This book is not just a tribute to those who paid the ultimate price in the mines of North Idaho, but an invaluable historical resource. —John Amonson, Director Wallace District Mining Museum

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