Wildflowers of the Inland Northwest - Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, B. C. & Alberta

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ISBN: 0-9643647-6-X
Author: Faust, Peggy & Faust, Ralph
Pages: 156
Size: 6" x 9"
Type: Paperback

A format for easy carrying on field trips with 216 wildflowers identified, illustrated and in color. Organized by flower color and number of petals. This book combines a little history, practical applications, and fun information about wildflowers. This well-indexed and easy to use book is a welcome addition for anyone interested in identifying and learning about wildflowers of the Inland Northwest.


Peggy and Ralph Faust lived in North Idaho for many years, where they were faithful members of the Calypso Chapter of the Idaho Native Plant Society. They wrote this book together and collected the photographs over years of happy hiking.

Ralph unfortunately, did not live to see the book in print. Peggy has fulfilled their dream with the assistance of the Museum of North Idaho, especially the members of the book committee.

Ralph Faust held a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology and a law degree from Chicago-Kent School of Law, with postdoctoral studies in patent law. Peggy Faust holds a BA from Mundelein College, Chicago, and a teaching certificate, Together they raised ten children.


Sharon Southerland

Being a relative newcomer to North Idaho and a past amateur botanist in Colorado in a similar clime, I have more than a passing interest in learning the names of wildflowers I've encountered while exploring my new environs. However, I no longer feel the urge to delve deep into the carpal and anther minutiae of plant identification; I just want to know what to call that little flower waving at me from the forest floor. Wildflowers of the Inland Northwest answers this need. It's a simple, straight to the point flower identification book for laypersons like most of us are.

Authors, Ralph and Peggy Faust wrote the book to provide a clear resource for such question. And, as you'll read in the acknowledgments, one our own Coeur d'Alene Garden Club members, Jill Bake, contributed her advice and expertise to this book. The Fausts identify 216 species by both botanical and common names, organizing them by flower color and number of petals. Photographs, along with some short written description, are the main way of identifying them. Type of habitat and flowering season are also noted by each plant. It's that simple. This makes for a thin (156 pages) book that's easy to tuck in your backpack or carry in your hand for long or short outings.


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